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Overview of some recent engagements

  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing (incl. Maintenance management, …)
  • Logistics

1. Supply chain management

    Interim Management & Project Mgnt.
  • Supply chain manager : planning, forecasting, logistics and purchasing
  • Demand planning manager : management and support changes
  • Supply chain manager : focus on planning and support move production lines
  • Planning and project manager : improve processes, demand-capacity align. and system use
  • Logistics manager : planning, warehouses, transport, customer service and return flows
  • Material Control Manager : coordination team and continuous improvement
  • Category supply mgr.: EMEA inventory, non-performing inventory; sourcing and capacity decisions
  • Supply chain manager : purchasing, planning and inventory

    Consulting, project mgnt. and implementation
  • End-to-end supply chain re-engineering for breakthrough in service and customer orientation
  • Market oriented supply chain : service policy, organisation, S&OP, forecasting, planning, logistics, …
  • Inventory and related supply chain optimisation program
  • Supply chain and system assessment, improvement program and coaching manager
  • Inbound logistics and planning, warehouses, service parts strengthening
  • End-to-end inventory optimization for total supply chain strengthening (service and respons times, efficiency, working capital)
  • Supply chain strengthening - service and response times, efficiency, working capital
  • Supply chain process lead ERP implementation
  • Supply chain assessment group : strengthening processes, service, inventory and organisation
  • End-to-end supply chain transition : service re-definition, re-engineering all aspects and implementation

2. Manufacturing – Operations

    Interim Management & Project Mgnt.
  • Site Manager/ Managing Director, incl. strengthening (performance and organisation) Hungarian plant
  • Operations director : management and strengthening plant, logistics and purchasing
  • Plant manager : upgrading site team and organisation, daily mgnt. and lean, output increase
  • Site manager : productivity and quality breakthrough : reorganisation, process optimisation, quality and regulatory compliance, performance tracking, communication and change of mentality
  • Plant manager : continuity, local and chain optimisation
  • Supply chain & Operations director: production, logistics, planning, purchasing and change
  • Production manager : continuity and progressive performance improvement
  • Factory manager : transition management, productivity, capacity, lean
  • Production manager : strengthen planning, optimise bottlenecks, improve output
  • Production & maintenance manager : re-build organisation and improvement projects
  • Production and logistics start-up in Romania : support manager
  • Manufacturing process engineering manager
  • Maintenance manager : professionalise maintenance mgnt., OEE, cross-functional effectiveness
  • Technical manager - maintenance and engineering : TPM, preventive, organisation and processes
  • Manager project leaders manufacturing engineering
  • Manager Process Engineering – Techniques and manager project managers
  • Maintenance manager in France : best practices, preventive, interface production
  • Maintenance Manager : strengthen organisation, core processes and attitude
  • Technical manager : maintenance, engineering, projects
  • Assistant plant manager: organizational changes and strengthening operations
  • Program manager a.i. for operations move – manufacturing, logistics, supply chain management, HR

    Consulting, project mgnt. and implementation
  • Operations program (flexible plant, VSM, …) to support strategic re-positioning
  • Operational excellence program production unit, more customer orientation (shorter, reliable lead times) and cost
  • Integration production sites and start-up production. Incl. macro and micro lay-out plant – project mgnt
  • Operations changes and suppliers alignment supporting a strong growth - project mgnt
  • Capacity expansion, lay-out and 5S, productivity, surface use, optimisation workstations
  • Lay-out proposals integration two production facilities. From job shop to lean workflow line
  • Supply chain transition (manufacturing, logistics, planning, …) – service re-definition, re-design and implementation
  • Manufacturing best practices implementation mgr. in India (service, organisation and process, lay-out, lean tools)
  • Plant Consultant : strengthening plant Hungary in all its aspects and performances

3. Logistics (external and internal) and Customer Service
    Interim Management & Project Mgnt.
  • Logistics manager : centralisation warehouses, line supply, reliability, inventory and organisation
  • Warehouse manager : productivity improvement and cost reduction in packaging and transport
  • Packaging & Warehouse manager : strengthen processes & organization and startup complex packaging line
  • Transport manager
  • Customer Service manager : more customer oriented organisation and processes, system use
  • Warehouse manager EMEA spare parts central warehouse
  • Logistics manager : warehouses, transport and customer service
  • Logistics manager : transport, warehouses, co-packing. Strengthen organisation and ERP implementation
  • Customer Service manager : continuity, restoring confidence customers and sales
  • Transport director : organisation and service strengthening, 24 hours, planning, track & trace, streamline platforms,…
  • Logistics manager : management, alignment departments, projects

    Consulting, project mgnt. and implementation
  • Centralisation logistics network, customer service and admin. with new service concept: design & implement
  • Market oriented distribution organisation. Simultaneously improving efficiency and inventory levels.
  • Post-merger integration regional distribution networks
  • Consultant for various projects in logistics and warehouse optimisation
  • Transport organisation and planning : strengthening, define processes, system options
  • Lean implementation support in distribution centre
  • Support warehouse move, new lay-out and 5S, procedures
  • Senior logistics and material handling engineer and project manager
  • Inbound logistics - JIT and sequencing, logistics provider, kitting, develop and implement


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