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  • Execution by senior professionals themselves. We combine their expertise and competences with good methodology and knowledge management
    • Practical solutions
    • Faster support from the organisation
  • Better match professionals with specific client needs
  • Collaboration
    • You see the people who will do the job
    • Listen and understand your company
    • Attention to specific situation and people
  • Cost difference :lean team, duration, minor overheads
  • Successful references
    • Available upon request.

ADVANTAGES CLIENT - Interim management

  • MCN works with subject matter professionals who also are involved in assignments, and not with (expensive) sales people.
  • Due to our own supply chain and operations expertise and focus:
    • We can better help you with defining needs and most appropriate approach and profile.
      Making the right choices in this stage is crucial and often has a major financial impact further on.
    • Preselection - We can better qualify candidates from our already selective, focused pool.
    • Execution - we can e.g.:
      • Think and support management and interim manager on solutions and approach.
      • Add expertise
      • Do the assessment together with interim manager
    • Professional counselling of engagement
  • A focused pool of professionals with an excellent track record.
    • Mix of profiles (skills, competences, sectors, culture).
    • From Belgium, The Netherlands and other European countries, and mostly with international experience.


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Support by senior professionals
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